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Women's Fitness - Petaluma, Central North Bay

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Welcome to Kaia FIT – Women’s Only Fitness in Petaluma

Kaia F.I.T. offers fitness programs catered to women in the Central North Bay and specializes in delivering personalized training in a group atmosphere. We have certified fitness professionals who will help you reach your personal fitness goals, no matter your age or fitness level.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or haven’t worked out in decades, you will get the personal attention and help you need to reach your goals. And, by working together as a team to get fit, Kaia girls can produce results that most would think are out of reach. Our whole body approach to fitness and healthy living will make you leaner, stronger and more flexible than ever – a better “you” than you ever thought possible.

Jenna H.

You can find a place to sweat all over town. Trust me, I’ve probably been there. Crossfit, Hot Yoga, Fancy gyms amongst several other places. These places are great for many people, including myself at one time. But, those places are designed for people who do not have excuses. See more >

Last year, 2013, was the most difficult year of my life thus far. Both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer. My relationship with my fiancé of five years crumbled. My job went from a forty-hour a week to a sixty-hour a week commitment. I had never felt such immense pressure to take care of something: everything and everywhere I turned. But I stopped taking care of myself; I suddenly had an excuse every night why I couldn’t make myself a priority. I quickly went from someone who exercised five days a week to someone who would go to the gym one time a week on a good week.

This year I knew I had to change, I was so consumed by external things that I was losing my mind, self-confidence, and my pants for that matter: I had gotten to the place when you only have one pair of pants that fit anymore: “the fat pants.” I tried to go back to the kickboxing, crossfit, outdoor fitness camps, etc., but I just couldn’t motivate myself to maintain it. Then, I stumbled upon Kaia. I was immediately impressed with the owner’s and trainers’ passion. I would soon learn what inspired that passion. Kaia is not just a workout, it is a comfortable environment for you to expose yourself: strengths and weaknesses alike. Women from different fitness backgrounds and different walks of life come together to strive for more out their bodies and, I assume, their life. Kaia will give you the supportive environment to push yourself past your comfort zone, you know that place of uncontrollable groaning while making a face that can only otherwise relate to constipation… Yep, you will do that there, and you’ll get many high-fives for it.

Kaia will give you the workouts, the diet recommendations, and everything else you need to make that healthy change. Life is full of hurdles and competing priorities, but when you feel like there is just no way to justify those few hours a week, that is when you need it the most. Trust me on that one.

I owe a lot to Kaia; I am handling life’s challenges with grace, I am confident enough to start dating, and I’m starting to fit into some old pants. I have had a great time with them over the past few months, and I am looking forward to my workout not only tomorrow morning but also many months from now. Thank you Alma, Caitlin, and Nicole!

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Catherine T.
Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Kaia FIT is the best thing I’ve done for myself in years! I’m stronger than I’ve been in a long time and I’m meeting my weight loss goals. The workouts are fun, hard and engaging. But it’s the group itself that makes this more than just another exercise group. See more >

The coaches are amazingly attentive, supportive and understanding. They have created a wonderful atmosphere where we can all get healthy and actually have a great time! I love it! I have lost 25 pounds since I began; more importantly I feel better than I have felt in years!

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Nina S.
Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Today I am wearing a suit I bought nearly a year ago. When I bought it online it was a little tight but I thought I could lose a couple of pounds as I worked out a lot. I bought the suit because I was given a new assignment at work and needed a smart outfit. See more >

My previous wardrobe consisted of a uniform of workout clothing and karate gi, not much else, and certainly stretchy material was my preference. I ran my first Tough Mudder a month into that new job assignment and sprained my ankle on mile eight pretty severely. I did manage to hobble to the finish line, in case you were wondering. The recovery however, coupled with the new assignment requiring much longer sedentary desk hours, was not to my benefit. I quickly packed on 20 unwanted pounds and my lovely new suit went to the back of my closet. I tried Insanity, Turbo Fire and Les Mills Combat. I was really good at doing the workouts even with my long work hours. But the weight didn’t budge.

I was desperate to try something I’d not tried before to lose weight. I found Kaia in Petaluma and when they started an evening class that fit my schedule I did one CORE session. I lost 2 lbs and I loved it! I also realized that I should try the nutrition plan for BRIK sessions to see if that made a difference. At the end of the six week BRIK program I had lost inches, weight (13 lbs!) and body fat.

And so, that brings me back to today, where I am now in the middle of a Kaia CORE program. I do not know exactly how many pounds I have lost so far but the suit pants are now too big and without a belt I would lose them! Next goal: Wearing shorts in public and feeling confident that I look fit and healthy.

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