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Welcome to Kaia FIT – Functional Training and Nutrition for Women in Petaluma

Kaia F.I.T. offers fitness programs catered to women in Petaluma, Novato, San Rafael and throughout Central North Bay that specializes in delivering personalized training in a group atmosphere. We have certified fitness professionals who will help you reach your personal fitness goals, no matter your age or fitness level.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or haven’t worked out in decades, you will get the personal attention and help you need to reach your goals. And, by working together as a team to get fit, Kaia girls can produce results that most would think are out of reach. Our whole body approach to fitness and healthy living will make you leaner, stronger and more flexible than ever – a better “you” than you ever thought possible.

Jamie N.
Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

I was “pressured” into just “trying out” Kaia by Nina S. I reluctantly accepted the invitation. Mind you, I was nearly 50 pounds overweight and had not exercised in over three years since relocating to Northern California. The first class I took was so hard I couldn’t believe it. I instantly realized I had completely neglected myself and I was disgusted.
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I immediately joined Kaia as a VIP member but I was still mentally only semi-committed. Personal things came up in my life and I used them as an excuse not to go to class. But during this last BRIK session, Kaialympics, I reached a point where I decided to commit to creating a better version of myself, and Kaia has changed my life.

I am a person who needs to follow a direct program or recipe. I do not have creativity in this area. So the fitness workouts were what I needed: come to class, follow the Coach’s instructions “do these exercises for this amount of time or reps” and it was completely satisfying. The Kaia nutritional program was also just what I needed. All I had to do during BRIK was follow the menu, look for the recipes, prepare the food and eat! After five weeks I had to tie my tights in a bundle with a rubber band during class because they were falling down.

I was dedicated to attending class and I followed the nutrition plan to a “T” and in just six weeks, I ended up losing 16 pounds and 14 inches and felt stronger than I’ve ever felt.

Beyond losing weight and trimming down I had other goals. I wanted to be able to remove one of my rings which I have not been able to do for over three years. It needed cleaning and TLC. The night I removed it, I was so excited I texted a photo to one of the coaches!

I say Kaia has changed my life because I don’t eat the same way I did before and I actually look forward to going to class to exercise. If someone would have told me that I would be excited to go home and eat a bowl full of vegetable curry (prepared the way the Kaia cookbook instructs) I would have thought they were insane. I am still losing weight and I am getting stronger and building more endurance with each Kaia FIT class!

Two weeks ago I went for my annual physical examination and got the results of my blood panel. It was amazingly great! I had been putting it off for a year because I knew it would be horrible with the way I was taking care of myself. I changed all that with diet and exercise and no medications whatsoever!

I have also created some incredible friendships with extraordinary women in Kaia who all have a common goal- to be Kaia Strong! I took this photo on my doorstep because it represents the door I have passed through on my journey.

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Leslie S.
Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Finding Kaia has given me back my life. Not only has it introduced me to a healthy lifestyle, it has taught me how to maintain that healthy lifestyle.

I played various sports during high school and college and while I was an athlete, I never learned how to stay fit and eat healthy. Between daily practice and a youthful metabolism I looked fit but I didn’t know how to be fit. I graduated college and found myself 80 pounds heavier with no knowledge of how to get into shape. I spent the last 8 years joining gyms, trying different fitness classes, and researching different diets. Besides dropping 10 pounds and gaining back 5, nothing worked for me. I found gyms overwhelming and I felt self-conscious for the first time in my life. Each time I “failed” I found it harder to try something else.

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Finally I found Kaia. Kaia has given me the world. I instantly fell for the idea of a class created by women for women. How brilliant, because who would best understand what I was feeling besides other women? Kaia gave me the team atmosphere I craved. Each woman has their own needs and abilities and Kaia not only understands that but they know how to accommodate that. Every class is different which has been key in my success. I like the challenges and the variety. I have found mentors, friends, and inspirations in my class and I thank my peers and coaches for sharing what they have with me. I have lost over 20 pounds so far and inches are falling off! I look forward to putting in the work every week just to see the success that comes with it.

I not only have the “Kaia glow,” I feel it too. Kaia has something to offer everyone and I highly recommend trying it to see what it can offer you.

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Amanda M.
Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Since joining KaiaFit in February of 2014 my life has changed. I thought I was going to lose a little weight and I have, but I have also gained so much more…in ways I never expected. I now have energy, muscles, stamina, a more positive attitude, friendships and so much more. I knew right away that Kaia is different than going to a gym. The workouts are always unique and already planned for you, you just have to show up! The variety never allows you to become bored because they incorporate fun hikes, runs and even obstacle courses into the weekly workouts. It only took a few weeks for me to decide to become a Kaia VIP so I could be automatically enrolled into sessions. Of course I have lost weight, it’s easy when you show up, do the workouts and follow the eating tips they provide you. The coaches and other Kaia girls will keep you motivated and push you to try things you would have never dreamed of and this is why I will be KaiaFit for life!

Catherine T.
Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Kaia FIT is the best thing I’ve done for myself in years! I’m stronger than I’ve been in a long time and I’m meeting my weight loss goals. The workouts are fun, hard and engaging. But it’s the group itself that makes this more than just another exercise group. See more >

The coaches are amazingly attentive, supportive and understanding. They have created a wonderful atmosphere where we can all get healthy and actually have a great time! I love it! I have lost 25 pounds since I began; more importantly I feel better than I have felt in years!

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Nina S.
Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Today I am wearing a suit I bought nearly a year ago. When I bought it online it was a little tight but I thought I could lose a couple of pounds as I worked out a lot. I bought the suit because I was given a new assignment at work and needed a smart outfit. See more >

My previous wardrobe consisted of a uniform of workout clothing and karate gi, not much else, and certainly stretchy material was my preference. I ran my first Tough Mudder a month into that new job assignment and sprained my ankle on mile eight pretty severely. I did manage to hobble to the finish line, in case you were wondering. The recovery however, coupled with the new assignment requiring much longer sedentary desk hours, was not to my benefit. I quickly packed on 20 unwanted pounds and my lovely new suit went to the back of my closet. I tried Insanity, Turbo Fire and Les Mills Combat. I was really good at doing the workouts even with my long work hours. But the weight didn’t budge.

I was desperate to try something I’d not tried before to lose weight. I found Kaia in Petaluma and when they started an evening class that fit my schedule I did one CORE session. I lost 2 lbs and I loved it! I also realized that I should try the nutrition plan for BRIK sessions to see if that made a difference. At the end of the six week BRIK program I had lost inches, weight (13 lbs!) and body fat.

And so, that brings me back to today, where I am now in the middle of a Kaia CORE program. I do not know exactly how many pounds I have lost so far but the suit pants are now too big and without a belt I would lose them! Next goal: Wearing shorts in public and feeling confident that I look fit and healthy.

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